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Classic 243

Welcome to Classic 243™, the successful fusion of flashy 80’s neon colours, stunning animations and atmospheric futuristic sounds. It’s action-loaded, noisy and truly spectacular providing 2-3 guaranteed stacked wilds on every Free Spin! Rabcat’s next 5-reel premium video slot stands out through guaranteed stacked wilds combined with Free Spins. Get ready to be blown away!

Classic 243™ delivers an abstract experience to provide a long-lasting entertainment with several winning opportunities.

The secret to success lies in the magnificent Free Spin Symbol. With at least 3 Free Spin Symbols the highly rewarding Free Spin Mode is unlocked and 10 Free Spins are granted to the player. 2-3 guaranteed stacked wilds are placed on the reels to ensure the high possibility of numerous win combinations every Free Spin. 3 or more additional Free Spin Symbols won during the Free Spin Mode will prolong the beneficial Free Spin Mode for 10 more spins to expand the player’s fortune.

CLASSIC 243™ is of seductive game experience paired with a rewarding game mathematic which focuses its power on a heavily weighted Free Spin feature.

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Выкуп авто

Как можно воспользоваться услугами срочного выкупа авто?

Чтобы продать автомобиль в автолормбард или иную специализированную организацию, занимающуюся услугами срочного выкупа, необходимо собрать минимальный пакет документов:

паспорт и ИНН код владельца автомобиля (продавца);
документы на само транспортное средство (технический паспорт, генеральная доверенность и т.п.).
После обращения вами в компанию назначается встреча с ее представителем, который проводит оценку транспортного средства. Учитываться могут такие критерии, как внешний вид и состояние, техническое состояние, пробег, возраст, марка и даже цвет автомобиля. Далее представитель компании озвучивает сумму, которую он готов предложить вам за машину. Лучший выкуп авто.

Если сумма устраивает продавца, то следующий этап – подготовка документов и заключение сделки.

Все работы по сбору и подготовке необходимых документов компания берет на себя, вам остается лишь подписать договор купли-продажи, а также ряд сопроводительных документов (если в таковых есть необходимость).

Заключительный этап сделки – вы получаете на руки наличные средства в размере суммы, указанной в договоре.

Главные достоинства подобной процедуры – это быстрота, минимум забот и сил со стороны продавца, возможность продать автомобиль в любом состоянии (в том числе и находящийся в кредите). Обеспечим качественный выкуп авто в беларуси.

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New Live Dealer available

We are pleased to announce that the new Live Casino, from Evolution Gaming, is now available on all our brands, so it’s a great time to promote this new way to play Live Casino to your players. Games available include Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and so much more.

Private tables are available, as well as multiple camera angles – it’s the most immersive experience yet! Log into your Buffalo Partners account or contact your account manager directly for the latest marketing materials. We look forward to seeing more players enjoying the benefits of Live Casino.

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New games for December


With an occasional backflip and beat of his chest, Tarzan struts his stuff in this stunning 40-line rumble in the jungle. But he doesn’t ride on looks alone.

When three or more scatters land on the reels in the base game, the Bonus Wheel emerges from the undergrowth and offers the chance to win one of four prizes: 12 free spins, four cash multipliers, an incredible jackpot or the
Pick-a-Potamus bonus.

Free spins branch out from the jungle canopy with two innovative features: Rolling Reels™ can award multiple consecutive wins and Growing Wilds™ stack one wild per spin up to 15 times. Cash multipliers range from 3-6x, 6-12x and 9-18x. The jackpot strikes at 200x, 400x or 1,000x the total bet. And down at the watering hole, players wallow in wins when they select up to 12 prize-bearing hippos in the Pick-a-Potamus bonus.

Exclusive to Microgaming, Tarzan swings into action on all platforms this December. Check out our preview video below to see why you should be excited.

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Online casino gamblers choice

Casinos On the internet there are already quite a long time, but people have an interest in them is not lost, but only increases. Clearance virtual gambling establishments styled completely under real casino, so the spirit of excitement here is always present. What is so attractive to modern people in an online casino?

unnamed (1)

First, there are all for the maximum comfort of each visitor. Casino online – it is an opportunity to have fun right at home. You will not need to gather, hurry, time off from work, waiting for someone. There’s no dress code. Playing in online casinos can be in a dressing gown, or even without it. To visit the gambling club you need is a computer and Internet access.

Traditional casinos are prohibited in Russia, but online resources this taboo does not apply. Internet – casinos accept bets from any point of the earth, regardless of location. The exciting games you can play whenever you want. Https://vulkan-platinum-club.com/igrovye-apparaty-vulkan/ site is always in the access area. View on the entertainment portal at any time of the day, because there are no breaks, weekends and holidays, it is very important for a person with a high level of employment. Visitors can pause the game if the need arises. The casino “Volcano”, you will lead your own time without feeling the stress and inconvenience, in the most comfortable environment.

The main advantage of online entertainment clubs is that they have a wide selection of all kinds of gambling. Here you will find all variants of the most popular roulette. It is worth noting that the online casino “Volcano” periodically allocates new games, which are popular all over the world. Besides the Internet, you can choose a game to your taste, and immediately proceed to its development, rather than wait in line. All slots are divided into narrow-profile with one embodiment of the game and the general specialization, who has more than three hundred kinds of games.

Risks in the online casino are excluded, since you can choose free roulette without investment. It is quite tempting for beginners to gain some experience before starting a serious game. You will learn all the nuances of slots that are guaranteed to get the win in the future. Thus, the online casino is able to satisfy the desires of each client.

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How to choose a machine in the casino

Today, you can play games of chance, not only in the casino or in other similar institutions, but also on the Internet. Lately you can find many different online casinos, with which anyone will be able to win a certain amount of money. However, before you start the game, you must choose a suitable slot machine.


You can find a lot of websites where a wide selection of slot machines. For example, you can visit site and select the most appropriate game slot.

During the selection you need to pay attention the game online machine on how many drums he has. You can find slots, in which the set of three to five reels. It is recommended to choose a machine with five reels. Also, different machines may have a different number of lines. It is worth noting that they can be much larger than the drums. In some machines there are about one hundred lines. There are also slots game where you can independently increase the number of lines that can participate in the game. It is recommended to choose a machine in which there are many paylines. The fact that their number depends on the probability that you win.

It is worth noting that there are a variety of online slots. You may experience progressive and straight models. In the past the prize sum will depend on the luck of the player and of the amount of his bet. In this case, the jackpot amount will be determined in advance. If we talk about progressive slot machines, they are combined into a single network. In such machines the jackpot is cumulative. It allows a person to win the same amount of money that exceeds the rate of several hundred times. However, this is possible only in the case where the player makes the maximum rates.

Today, the popularity began to use the so-called 3D slots. They have a beautiful three-dimensional image that can provide you a full immersion into the fascinating and exciting world of online casinos. However, to find such slots is difficult.

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How to choose a reliable online casino

Gambling has always been popular among people. It must be said that not everyone turns to play this game slots. So you have to be content with online counterparts. Today, there are quite a number of online casinos, which are services people can use even at home.

On the internet you can find many sites that are those online casinos. For example, you can visit resource and play here in the slot machines online.

During the selection of the casino, it is necessary to inspect his site carefully. First we need to carefully examine its design. Trusted online casino should look respectable. Fraudsters just do not want to spend a lot of time and money to create a website design. In addition, it is necessary to be informed about the date of registration of the resource. If you notice that the site has been created recently, it is best not to use its services. It is necessary to trust only the casinos that operate for several years.

Also during the selection will need to pay attention to the games that are present on the site. It is worth noting that in recent years some casinos specifically reduce the number of games in which the player could get a mathematical advantage. Therefore it is recommended to choose a casino is, which would offer a huge number of different games from various developers. So you can increase your chances of winning.

It is very important that the casino had a so-called system of bonuses and special promotions. Such actions are often carried out in order to entice new customers to itself. I must say that among them you can find a lot of really good and interesting proposals. Often with using such shares can even increase your profits. Therefore, we recommend to use necessarily represented shares. You should also become familiar with loyalty program. There you’ll find a lot of information about the calculation of bonus points which can be exchanged for real money in the future.

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Online Casino – how to choose good?

Bright spotlights, beautifully dressed people, the festive atmosphere, nice music, no clock on the wall and the sound of coins to loud cheering sounds of the slot machine – all these casinos. In order to test their luck, not necessarily go to the nearest gaming establishments – now anyone can be a constant or a rare visitor of the virtual casino. In the expanses of the Internet network are quite a few, and each of them lure attractive offers and promises to fill up their own pockets. How to choose the right “their” casino? What guided in choosing?

Check in. Pay attention to the data that you want to enter during registration. Remember, you do not have to enter in the fields of the form of the new casino guest their own personal data, such as information on the passport, place of residence and so on. In addition, the registration should be as simple and fast. If you are offered to fill in the long cards, it is better to look for other, less problematic entertainment venues.
A variety of slots. Following the link in one of the most popular online casinos, you can see what a real paradise for gambling gamers. You should be able to choose the machine that will draw it to your attention, and not one that is acceptable to the owners of the casino. Pay attention to free machines for games that do not need to make money bet, or the money is replaced by a symbolic bonus points. The absence of such slots – direct evidence that the main aim of the casino – to get money from the visitor, rather than to provide guests to spend their leisure time fun.
Details of the transaction means. This is very important – to know exactly in what way and how fast you can fill up your virtual casino account or withdraw winnings. Check all input-output methods. The proposal to withdraw funds exclusively by bank card details should raise suspicion because of the anonymity of visitors to the law still has not been canceled.
Rating. Browse related sites and blogs for the presence of the popularity of virtual casinos rankings.

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Online casinos in Greece how to choose

Our casino is best to try out all the slots.

What to play?
Everyone has their own preferences: Fruit Cocktail or the Queen of Hearts. The differences between the free session and no money. It’s exciting and impressive.

The game is a gambling house on-line on-line as an option of rest.

The advantage of playing in the network recognized the opportunity to sit at home in silence. make mulled wine, sit in an easy chair – Country and gambling right at home!

Minimum noise, a pleasant pastime and pleasure.

The casino often like to kill time, and the younger generation, and those who are older. The Casino Online offers the right head for the joy of victory, without leaving home. There is no need to seek in the gambling establishment – should only run the laptop.

Immerse yourself in the imagination, check your chances! On-line slot machines – this is something that can help track success, diversifies smoke break and make the morning happy and funny. Select the desired game and start to “play”! And doubts remain in the past. Win benefit, shout for joy luck.

The fact that in the twentieth century offered only in the games room, in our time in the network is available to all. Get free package of games, set-top on paws – and play until you get bored! Our gambling will give luck, liberation from the problems, the pleasure of victory. They are available whenever you want, and we are happy to meet fearless and smart clients.

You are looking for a place where you can escape from everyday life in the magic of emotions? You are already in place! Slot machines on-line at any time!

We advise you to an interesting collection of real-time entertainment on the slot machines!

Our team solemnly swear:
• fine-quality graphics,
• a huge range of slot machines,
• operation comfort,
• reliability of the system.
Winning on the Internet and elegantly without leaving home!

Download program on the laptop and get the plugin. This will dive into the miracle of unpredictability and easy money.

We guarantee many famous games from fashion designers:
• Slots 90s,
• 777 units.

These gambling games are laid out in the demo mode, it allows to clarify the rules and learn the subtleties in order to learn how to bet. Of course, you can risknutsygrat money, free sms without logging in.

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Alexey Boyko won the last EPT Malta

The main event of the European Poker Series in Malta left for the Belarusian player Alexey Boyko.
Despite the fact that Malta – a perfect place for poker in Europe in the autumn, a series of the EPT is losing popularity on the island year after year. Less players in the “Maine” was only during the 2012 EPT Copenhagen
So it is very likely that this step would in any case, the latest in Malta, and not the fact that it will receive “Festival” status in 2017.
But let him come back to the tournament, which was held at the Casino Portomaso, where the day after tomorrow will start the jubilee “Battle for Malta”.
The brilliant success of Boyko

So, Alexey Boyko became the second representative of Belarus, who won a stage of the EPT series. The first four years ago was Kursevich Vadim, who won the EPT Deauville – 2012.
Another two titles belong to the Russian players – Maxim Lykov (EPT Kiev – 2009) and Andrey Pateychuk (EPT San Remo – 2011).
In fact, in December in Prague, all of them will be the last chance to become a double champion of the EPT, for 13-year-old series will be history.
A final table of the current phase began with the clear leadership of the Swedish veteran Mats Karlsson, who at one point was in front of 9 million pieces of 14.

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Strategies and tips on playing the slots

Tip # 1 – Play for fun. In places there will always be a mathematical advantage over the player, you can not beat. Therefore, you should approach your gaming sessions waiting, you can play, but in the hope of a random prize. Your main goal should be good to have some fun while you’re playing in the slot.
Tip # 2 – Join the players club. Almost all casinos have loyalty bonuses, incentives and rewards for loyal players. Restaurant gives you a special card that you insert into a slot machine that casino could keep track of how much money you put into the game. After that they return to you a tiny percentage (something around 0.1% or 0.2%) in the form of benefits, food, paid travel and other entertainment.
One of the myths that you must ignore – is that the slots pay less winnings, if you put your club card in it. It’s just ridiculous. We have previously discussed how to actually running the random number generator.
Tip # 3 – Avoid progressive games, if they do not include the possibility to win money that can change your life. Due to the fact that the potential winnings on the progressive slot machines is so great, these slots provide winnings are much rarer. They are forced to do so to allow players rarely win the huge jackpot. For the average player, playing on a machine with lower jackpots, provided more opportunities to win, even if it wins, will do less.

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How to win in the «Spin & Go»: 5 Tips from a pro-player

Tip №1 – Study the heads-up play

Learn the game heads-up as much as possible, I would tell all my free time, because this is the format – the “winner takes all”. The higher your level and the number of victories in the heads-apah, the more you get money on long distance.
For example, the site husng.com, which make the cool guys, you can find a lot of useful and free information, and special video for the money. I would recommend them to see.
Tip №2 – Make a convenient schedule

Instead of 7-hour sessions, as it did when you play MTT tournaments, I now use the 1.5-hour strike lengths, after which a break is required.
And so it is repeated regularly until I win back pre-planned daily quantity of spins. But if the game is not made up, I simply stop. Continue it you can at any time.
Tip №3 – Be in Focus

Playing in the back requires total care and concentration, because you have to play almost every hand.
ResizedImage 600401 0 WM bertrand grospellier 30578 Playing is always there.
We must constantly be “in focus” even for 3-4 hour sessions, otherwise you will immediately start to make mistakes, in other words – you lose money.
Limit the number of tables for simultaneous play, and completely cut down all that you can communicate with the outside world: social networks, instant messenger, Skype, phone and so on.
Tip №4 – make friends among the “spinners”

Try to make friends in the poker media, especially among those who play at the higher limits. Talk with them, study or discuss the distribution as often as possible.
Everyone thinks that they actually play better poker than it turns the tables (including me). In our time, the level of competition is so high that any assistance would have to court.
Remember that your opponents also have a coach, access to training sites, and videos.
So you want to play plus – then communicate with those who are better than you played in order to stay one step ahead of rivals.
Tip №5 – Do not make a fold on the button

Never mucked on the button in heads-up until someone does not give a clear signal that this is the best option. Play in position 100 times better than without it.
So it is better to limp before folding his hand on the button; from then on whether the opponent is trying to calculate it will be easier to isolate you from the bank by playing limp / raise with a strong range.

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The most interesting and exciting slots this year

Many of us like to gamble, but not everyone wants to go, or go somewhere else that used to play. Due to the technical process of gamers dream come true. Now you can play your favorite games from the comfort of home. All you need to play is to have a PC and the Internet. Our portal are changed to your attention an interesting slots. One of the most popular games is Gonzo Quest. Playing this game, you do not close up the little virtual discovery.
For those who love mystique unit Secrets of Hours will bring a lot of fun. Those who have experienced this game can safely say that it is full of bright and positive emotions. Many of our casino players say that the game is in 3D Slots is a very lucrative and exciting. For those who do not want to play for real money can play in besplatno.Igraya Gonzo Quest you will be pleasantly surprised by the graphics and technical characteristics of this game, you can see portal. In addition to the Gonzo Quest on our website presents a huge amount of no less interesting games that you can experience both paid and free.
Especially for your convenience, our team has developed a user-friendly interface of the site. What makes the new visitors to our site can easily find new games and old, in a short period of time will understand the game rules. Especially for you, our gaming portal is available around the clock and has the support of which is also available at any time of the day. All games presented on our website from the world’s most famous manufacturers. Here you can try your luck in the paid versions of the machines as well as in free. To that used to play for money, you need to pass registratsiyu.Zahodite to our portal and play at any time convenient for you.

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European Poker Tour in Malta. The final table.

European Poker Tour (EPT) – the richest and most popular poker tour in the world. Founded in 2004, the EPT participants paid more than € 835 million in prize money and become the most successful poker festival in Europe. EPT organizes Caribbean Adventure PokerStars (PCA), which is held annually in January in the Bahamas and is the biggest poker festival outside Las Vegas.
The thirteenth season of the European Poker Tour builds on the success more than a decade of offline competitions for world class poker and the biggest poker festival in Barcelona, ​​Malta, Prague and Dublin. Grand Final of the 13th season of EPT PokerStars will be traditionally held in Monaco.

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Loser Poker $ 25 million – businessman appealed

Businessman Peisakhov Vagif, who finished in the People’s Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon $ 25 million and lost money at cards, appealed the verdict, in which he received six years in prison, told RIA Novosti press-secretary of the Moscow Regional Natalia Osipova.

“. In the Odintsovo City Court of Moscow region received a complaint against the judgment of the lawyer Peysahova date consideration is not appointed,” – she said.

Earlier, the court found guilty Peysahova under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale) and sentenced him to six years’ imprisonment in a penal colony.

According to investigators, Peisakhov repeatedly took from Kobzon money for business development, but stopped to return the funds. At the insistence of the singer February 1, 2014, they officially entered into two loan agreement for 25 million dollars – the amount of total debt Peysahova accumulated by this time.

A month later Peisakhov said that to fulfill the obligations under the contracts he can not, because all the borrowed money lost in poker.

Then Kobzon went to the police, on the fact of the incident was a criminal case of fraud. Investigators found that a businessman originally did not intend to return the debts and cheated on the singer.

The court also upheld a civil suit Kobzon on the amount of the debt.

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Poker, money and guns, “King instagram” told Larry King about his lifestyle

The guest of Larry King Now a new program on the RT became Dan bilzeran – “King instagrama” and professional poker player, earning multi-million dollar state of the game. A detailed photo report about life in social media in a big way Dan has brought many fans and not less haters. Host Larry King found out how it all began.

“At first, everyone thought that I was rich idiot, money Burn parents. But I played pretty loose style. You could say that I am one of the first loose-aggressive players. Fight with me was fun, “- says bilzeran.

According to the poker stars, his biggest win of all time – $ 10.8 million.

In the media and social networks had a rather controversial way in life bilzeran also prefers to shock. He owns an extensive collection of weapons and wants to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat. However, at the same time he is the founder of the charity fund Wishes for Warriors, helping veterans. Bilzeran notes that there is always “kind to people who were injured defending the country.”

He stressed that, as a millionaire, knew the meaning of “wealth makes it miserable.”

“I already can not buy yourself a treat for the money. That’s why, I think, many people say that wealth makes unhappy. As long as you are poor, you still can buy something and enjoy. This is exactly “, – said bilzeran.

Therefore, he says, he was all the time necessary to look for ways to improve their bar.

Speaking about the upcoming elections in the US, bilzeran said that would prefer to see as president of the Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

“I do not always agree with his actions or words, but I like what he says is real and honest. It’s a little scary, but far less than politically correct incredible people who have all the right words. Therefore I prefer politics, speaking directly to me, even if I do not share his opinions, “- said” King instagrama “.

He added that some voters will vote for Trump just because Clinton: “It is not a good candidate.”

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Revenues poker players should be taxed

Either your winnings in any online service, including the poker room, in terms of the tax legislation is considered as income.

Revenues poker players should be taxed
Those who for years now participate in poker tournaments and thus have some income from them, will now pay tax, writes Bild.

Poker players believe that they should not pay the tax, since they win the money, relying on luck and therefore no economic calculations and operations does not smell here.

Nevertheless, these gains are now to be considered as income and taxed accordingly.

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Roulette new strategy

Many regular visitors to the gambling houses do not bet on the roulette wheel at random, they prefer to follow one of the existing strategies of the game. Some players use mathematical concepts based on probability theory, while others are trying to create customized strategies based on personal experience of victories and defeats. Studying the popular strategy game of roulette, which we describe in this article, you can learn how to beat the casinos, or at least increase your chances of getting wins.

Your key to success

Roulette Strategy – your key to success! Consider the most well-known strategies that are used by gamblers around the world in the game Roulette:

D’Alembert system. The founder of this theory is recognized as the French leader in the field of mechanics, philosophy, physics and mathematics. He argued that everything in nature is in balance. In other words – if a long time you will drop a single value, then, for the balance shall fall and additive inverse. That is, when you are constantly losing in our online casino, you should increase the rate, and after winning the contrary to reduce them.
Martingale system. This strategy is recognized today the most common because it is used equal to account as at the casino, and the international “Forex” market. Do not be amiss to say that even Charles Wells, who was recognized as the lucky player to use the system. The essence of this strategy is to double the bet after every loss. Such behavior, according to this system, brings not only win in online casinos, and covers all the previous losing bets.
Labouchere System. This online roulette strategy involves drawing up mathematical calculations, and therefore works effectively in continuous and systematic game in the casino. This strategy will depend on many factors:
– The amount of the desired winnings;

– The value of interest rates;

– Types of bets.

If you are a beginner and planning, based on any of the given above strategies, receive systematic winnings in a casino to post your endeavors. Such strategies can only help you to grasp the principle of the gameplay in roulette. Wanting to do the same to win in Casino Midas, you must comprehend the whole philosophy of the game and develop your own strategy. Strategy described here will help you in this, because by combining and successfully applying the principles of each of them, you can achieve your game objectives.

And, above all, it is worth remembering that lucky in the casino called the wrong person, who has won a large sum of money, but one who at the same time failed to lose a lot of time and leave the game. Play with your mind, use strategies based on personal experience, and then you will be able to catch the tail of luck

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Better call 2

Jonathan Little is the author of 16 books on poker coach, as well as a WPT Champion.
One major situation when the call is a better solution than re-raise when your hand in front of your opponent’s range, but will be back, if substantial money will be invested in the bank.
Little Jonathan Little.
For example, if kto-to raises in first position at a full table, all take off to you, and you’re in middle position with hands like T-T or A-Q, it is almost always you have to play made the call, if your stacks are deep enough.
If you feel that your hands are TT and AQ in front of your opponent’s range, if your re-raise your opponent will make a call or 4-bet, you usually will be back and most likely will be the loser.
To understand this point, let us assume that our opponent raises in first position with hands like 6-6, AK – A-J, A-Ts, K-Q, K-the Js, and several strong suited connectors. Against this range, our hands A-Q and T-T has about 52% equity.
If your opponent calls or 4-bets, our re-raise with AA – T-T or A-K and A-Q, we have about 40% equity. So, we would prefer to play in a small pot with 52% equity, either to steal the bank pre-flop or play a big pot with a 40% equity?
This is important especially in tournaments where it is necessary to minimize the risk that we squander the entire stack to such calls, even with hands on cards like AK and QQ
Do not enter into the habit of automatically re-raise with strong hands. Always try to reflect on how the events will develop, thanks to the actions we can take a good bank.

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Better call

Fish calls, sharks raise, the old principle in poker, which was formed during the existence of poker. Four professionals say their views on that.
Following is the text of the author of permanent PokerListings and famous poker player and journalist Lee Davey.
How to play call or raise?

images (49)

Of course, the answer depends on your situation. And in addition there is the habit of playing on autopilot and play all the situations on the same scenario.
When I was a very passive player. I always wanted to reach the showdown with minimal cost.
After a while, I took a few lessons to improve their game. Coach taught me to play more aggressively.
In my game I have aggression and began to raise steadily, and it affected the game logic. My coach told me that I have no idea what I was doing, but at the same time, this game was a nightmare for my opponents.
And today, I understand that you can not play in every situation the same way, this game will not lead to anything good. Each hand is a new story that needs to be step by step to learn before you make the next one, in this case, raise, call or throw a pass card.
So, how to play call or raise? I have no answer to this question, perhaps, these guys will help us.
Pascal Lefrancois

Jonathan Duhamel once told me that Pascal Lefrancois was the greatest tournament player in the world.
And I was not surprised when Marc-Andre Ladosyur included him in their team Montreal Nationals in the Global Poker League.
Lefransua Pascal Lefrancois.
This week I was playing $ 10- $ 20, the NL, and it seems to me, my opponent made a mistake in his game on the turn when he went all-in, but your best bet is to make the call for him.
Your opponent on the button raises to $ 45, I 3-bet with #Qs # 8s up to $ 175 from the small blind, the big blind takes off. Your opponent calls. Flop: #As 9 ♠ [2x]
I bet 1/3 pot and your opponent calls. Turn: [8x]
The pot is $ 620, I bet $ 440, the opponent pushes, going all-in with more than $ 1,100; I call. Villain shows # Ks # Ts.
It is clear that this is the position where you want to push your entire stack and thereby dislodge his opponent by pushing him.
But # # Ks Ts is pretty bad flush draw to shove in this situation on the turn, the best option here would be called.
These hands like 45, 56, 67 peak, as well as 7-10 and j10 rush better hands to push my bet of $ 440.
In the end I would like to add that a call here I like more than the rate. After all, our chances are great, and the call will be very profitable.

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Представительство в суде по вопросам недвижимости, строительства, административные дела о сносе в Краснодаре

Международный Суд, учрежденный Уставом Объединенных Наций в качестве главного судебного органа Объединенных Наций, образуется и действует в соответствии с нижеследующими постановлениями настоящего Статута.


Статья 2

Суд состоит из коллегии независимых судей, избранных, вне зависимости от их гражданства, из числа лиц высоких моральных качеств, удовлетворяющих требованиям, предъявляемым в их странах для назначения на высшие судебные должности, или являющихся юристами с признанным авторитетом в области международного права.

Статья 3

1. Суд состоит из пятнадцати членов, причем в его составе не может быть двух граждан одного и того же государства.

2. Лицо, которое можно рассматривать, в применении к составу Суда, как гражданина более чем одного государства, считается гражданином того государства, в котором он обычно пользуется своими гражданскими и политическими правами.

Статья 4

1. Члены Суда избираются Генеральной Ассамблеей и Советом Безопасности из числа лиц, внесенных в список по предложению национальных групп Постоянной Палаты Третейского Суда, согласно нижеследующим положениям.

2. Что касается Членов Объединенных Наций, не представленных в Постоянной Палате Третейского Суда, то кандидаты выставляются национальными группами, назначенными для этой цели их правительствами, с соблюдением условий, установленных для членов Постоянной Палаты Третейского Суда статьей 44 Гаагской Конвенции 1907 года о мирном решении международных столкновений.

3. Условия, на которых государство — участник настоящего Статута, но не входящее в состав Объединенных Наций, может участвовать в избрании членов Суда, определяются, при отсутствии особого соглашения, Генеральной Ассамблеей по рекомендации Совета Безопасности.

Статья 5

1. Не позднее чем за три месяца до дня выборов Генеральный Секретарь Объединенных Наций обращается к членам Постоянной Палаты Третейского Суда, принадлежащим к государствам — участникам настоящего Статута, и к членам национальных групп, назначенных в порядке пункта 2 статьи 4, с письменным предложением о том, чтобы каждая национальная группа указала, в течение определенного срока, кандидатов, могущих принять на себя обязанности членов Суда.

2. Никакая группа не может выставить более четырех кандидатов, причем не более двух кандидатов могут состоять в гражданстве государства, представляемого группой. Число кандидатов, выставленных группой, ни в коем случае не может превышать более чем вдвое число мест, подлежащих заполнению.

Статья 6

Рекомендуется , чтобы каждая группа до выставления кандидатур запрашивала мнение высших судебных установлений, юридических факультетов, правовых высших учебных заведений и академий своей страны, а также национальных отделений международных академий, занимающихся изучением права.

Статья 7

1. Генеральный Секретарь составляет в алфавитном порядке список всех лиц, чьи кандидатуры были выставлены. Кроме случая, предусмотренного в пункте 2 статьи 12, только лица, внесенные в этот список, могут быть избраны.

2. Генеральный Секретарь представляет этот список Генеральной Ассамблее и Совету Безопасности.

Статья 8

Генеральная Ассамблея и Совет Безопасности приступают к выборам членов Суда независимо друг от друга.

Статья 9

При избрании избиратели должны иметь в виду, что не только каждый избранный в отдельности должен удовлетворять всем предъявляемым требованиям, но и весь состав судей в целом должен обеспечить представительство главнейших форм цивилизации и основных правовых систем мира.

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